NeoAxis Map Editor New Features

Hi, folks! This is our second blog post in NeoAxis Development Blog, which will cover another upcoming improvements made for NeoAxis Game Engine. This time we have added few new features to Map Editor that will help you design, construct and assemble your game levels more easily.

Level design and construction is an important task that can be very time-consuming and boring if you're using wrong instruments or if they lack required tools and features. With new ability to quickly move, rotate or scale objects using Step Movement (1) tool NeoAxis Map Editor become even more complete and powerful than it was before. Of course, you can specify desired step range and move or rotate your objects discretely, by provided values.


Another new feature that we'd like to highlight is the ability to instantly move selected objects to the camera — Move Selected Objects to Camera (2). That's it, now you can select required object(s) through viewport or Map entities list, hit the button and this object(s) will be moved right before your eyes ( i.e. to the camera ). This feature can be useful when you need to place an object on where you're looking at and don't want to waste your time looking for this object, dragging it, moving, etc. — just position your camera, hit the button and your work is mostly done.

In addition to Move Selected Objects to Camera we have added an ability to Lock Selected Objects to Camera (3). This is an alternative way to get your objects to where you want them to be — upon feature activation selected objects will be attached and "locked" to the camera and will move with it. While it may be a little inconvenient to use this feature with large objects, many small objects like stones, barrels, boxes and stuff like that can really benefit from it — just lock them to your camera and move it while having your object before your eyes. When all things are in place — just hit the same button, disable this feature and objects will remain in their places.

Let's conclude — new NeoAxis Map Editor features will made it easier to construct and assemble your game levels. New Step Movement tool will give you more precise control on your objects movement, rotating and scaling, while Move Selected Objects to Camera and Lock Selected Objects to Camera will help you to manage and control the placement of your objects in a more intuitive manner. Listed above features will be available in NeoAxis 1.2.

Stay tuned for future updates, we will do our best to fill this blog with new and fresh information directly from NeoAxis developers!