Success Story: NeoAxis Game Engine Used for Chemical Factory Staff Training

It was quite a while since our last blog post, so today we'd like to share with you how NeoAxis 3D Game Engine can be effectively used for non-game projects and 3D simulators. In tight collaboration with NeoAxis team a one Russian company developed a full-fledged training suite that will be used for staff training on chemical factory. As you can imagine, such field of application has specific requirements for used software — it must be flexible, have robust architecture and be production-ready. This is exactly why NeoAxis was chosen for this challenging task.

A 3D simulator that was created with support from NeoAxis team offers an advanced functionality required for staff training in cases of emergency and breakdowns in production environments, such as plants, factories and other possible hazardous places. On factories with dangerous conditions of work, such as our chemical factory, it's always better to know that all staff is well-trained and instructed on how to act if something goes wrong. A special 3D simulator is a good choice for forming theoretical and practical skills required for emergency response, reducing the human factor and safe operation training. Another benefit from usage of 3D simulators is that it is many times less expensive than field training. Some conditions hardly can be reproduced on the field, while in 3D simulator anything can be done.

Chemical breakdown simulator ( let's call it like this for now ) supports network connectivity between staff members that can participate in simulated event collectively. Simulator has many interactive elements, such as valves, gates, buttons, sensors, etc., that are connected through network to another, more specific engine and can send data to it. This specific engine in fact controls event flow and will compute all input data and send it back to system. This will affect what's happening inside 3D simulator created using NeoAxis Game Engine. Like this it is possible to ensure that all staff is well-trained and can act properly under the instructions in case of emergency or if some accident happens.

Because there can be many different conditions that can be considered as accident — this simulator has specific functionality to simulate many different events. Of course, one of the most common reason of breakdown is fire. Simulator offers different kinds of fires, with support for fire extinguishers and fire-suppression foams. Flooding with water and other kinds of liquids, gas leaks, evaporation of gas, gas clouds and combustion effects also supported. And many other things that is too specific to be told in such blog post. There is a small list of supported features:

  • Network connectivity for many users and data exchange between system components
  • Interactive elements, such as valves, sensors, etc.
  • Alarms and light signaling
  • Sensors — high temperature, smoke, leak, etc.
  • Different types of fires, support for fire extinguishers and fire-suppression foams
  • Liquid simulation support, including water flooding and other types of liquids
  • Gas simulations support, including gas leaks, evaporation of gas, gas clouds and combustion effects
  • ...and many other features.

The one of the most interesting things it this story is the fact that NeoAxis team received permission to use this project source code as the part of the engine and use it in third-party commercial projects. If you interested in such kind of simulators or need similar functionality — contact NeoAxis team for additional details.

Let's conclude. NeoAxis Game Engine is an all-purpose 3D engine that can be effectively used for different simulations creation. Unlike the many other engines, NeoAxis has clear license scheme that will grant access to all engine's source code for reasonable price, meaning that developers will have all required flexibility needed for their task-specific projects. And there's more — with support from NeoAxis developers it's even better solution for non-game and simulation projects development.

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