Web browser inside NeoAxis Engine

The NeoAxis Group has integrated the Awesomium library into the NeoAxis 3D game engine. The Awesomium library allows embedding full-fledged web browser functionality into applications and games.

The extension for the NeoAxis 3D game engine is available as a binary for Windows and Mac and as source code. The library is free for non-commercial use and indie developers. Find out more about Awesomium.


  • Binaries for NeoAxis 1.0
  • Easy to use GUI control
  • In-game 3D GUI support
  • Windows and Mac support
  • Awesomium 1.6.2
  • Integration source code included

About NeoAxis Engine

NeoAxis Game Engine is an all-purpose, modern 3D graphics development tool for 3D simulations, visualizations and games.

About NeoAxis Group

NeoAxis Group Ltd is company focused on modern real-time 3D solutions. The development studio is located in Kazan, Russia. Main activity NeoAxis Group is development of NeoAxis Engine, a cross-platform engine for 3D simulations, visualizations and games.