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NeoAxis Game Engine 1.1 Released

09 December, 2011

NeoAxis Group is pleased to announce that NeoAxis Engine and it's SDK was updated to version 1.1. NeoAxis Engine is an all-purpose 3D engine for game development, simulation and visualization systems creation. New version introduced significant improvements in rendering as well as new pathfinding system, toolset localization support and some other improvements.

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Web browser inside NeoAxis Engine

15 September, 2011

The NeoAxis Group has integrated the Awesomium library into the NeoAxis 3D game engine. The Awesomium library allows embedding full-fledged web browser functionality into applications and games.

The extension for the NeoAxis 3D game engine is available as a binary for Windows and Mac and as source code. The library is free for non-commercial use and indie developers. Find out more about Awesomium.

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NeoAxis Engine 1.0 Is Finally Released!

20 June, 2011

NeoAxis Group has finally released NeoAxis Engine 1.0. It took over six years for NeoAxis Engine to grow from a project being developed by a single enthusiast into a most innovative 3D development tool with an international team working on it.

The keystone of NeoAxis engine is its unprecedented functionality that can save you an incredible amount of time and money. It is much more than just a 3D engine. Just imagine a complex 3D instrument, with which solely you can easily create all types of 3D applications from modern video games with 'next-gen shaders and physics' to professional simulators, and you will get an idea of what NeoAxis is. NeoAxis provides you with a complete toolset with which you can develop all aspects of your application without having to deal much with programming.

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NeoAxis Engine 1.0 Beta Released

11 May, 2011

NeoAxis Group Ltd today unveiled NeoAxis 1.0, the newest version of its NeoAxis Game Engine. Previously only available on PCs, NeoAxis is now adding support for Apple Mac OS X, NeoAxis Game Engine 1.0 delivers to game developers a familiar and rich experience in game design that meets the needs of independent developers as well as companies in this new age of development.

The newest version of the platform offers driverless support of PhysX 2.8.4. This allows developer to utilize all PhysX features the presence of the PhysX system software on the end-user’s machine. Due to the refactoring of some core/internal systems, the loading time in NeoAxis 1.0 has been significantly improved. NeoAxis 1.0 also comes with improved COLLADA support resulting in a better support for third party tools such as Autodesk Softimage and Blender. Support was also added for Autodesk 3dsMax 2012.

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15 April, 2011

We would like to announce the aquisition of for use as primary domain name!

Currently this change has already been made and DNS should be updated in your area at the time of this post. We are still working hard on milestone 1.0 release of the NeoAxis engine and hope to have a working build around May 2011.

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NeoAxis 0.91 was released. Major bug fix and WPF support.

02 October, 2010

The NeoAxis Group has releases a new version of it's NeoAxis Game Engine.

This is release fixes major bug with Regions in Map Editor.

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Major Update for the NeoAxis Game Engine (0.9)

24 September, 2010

The NeoAxis Group has releases a new version of it's NeoAxis Game Engine.

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NeoAxis 0.9 beta testing began!

19 September, 2010

Today, we glad to present new version of NeoAxis.

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New Game Released. Heavy Panzer Episode 1 is out!

18 August, 2010

We are glad to present a new game developed with NeoAxis.
This is a tank simulation game called Heavy Panzer.

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New version of NeoAxis Game Engine released (0.85)

26 April, 2010

The NeoAxis Group has releases a new version of it's NeoAxis Game Engine.
The new features are among others support for 3Dc texture format, automatic generation of True Type fonts, better Stencil Shadows and an update for the web player to version 1.2.
Additionally the exporters are enhanced and now support blending skeletal and morph animation.

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