NeoAxis 3D Engine 2.1 Released

NeoAxis Group Ltd has released a new version of the universal environment for 3D project development NeoAxis 3D Engine 2.1. This new version includes performance improvements and bug fixes since previous big release NeoAxis 3D Engine 2.0.

About Technology

NeoAxis 3D Engine is a free integrated development environment that allows for projects of all types and complexity. The environment is intended for use in such areas as the creation of video games, the development of simulators, virtual reality and visualization software. It includes a full set of tools for fast and logical development of modern 3D projects.

Changes Since 2.0

  • Static batching feature to improve rendering and physics performance has been added.
    1. Enables static batching optimization for rendering static geometry. Static batching is a special optimization that reduce the amount of draw calls on GPU.
    2. Enables static batching optimization for collision detection of static geometry. Static batching optimization merges physical bodies into big tiles in order to reduce the amount of bodies on the map.
    Static batching only works for StaticMesh objects. In order to enable the static batching feature, use the following properties of the Map object: StaticBatchingRenderingEnabled, Map.StaticBatchingPhysicsEnabledInMapEditor, StaticBatchingPhysicsEnabledInSimulation. In order to configure static batching per object, use StaticMesh.AllowStaticBatching property.
  • Character class: Improvements of character physics behavior and animation support.
  • 32-bit versions of Resource Editor and Map Editor have been added. ResourceEditor_32bit.exe, MapEditor_32bit.exe.
  • Resource Editor: Mesh Editor: Fixes behaviour on invalid file paths to skeleton files.
  • GUI System: For some input methods, it proceeds children control in the ControlsCollection order, instead of reverse order. Methods are: OnKeyDown, OnKeyPress, OnKeyUp, OnMouseWheel, OnJoystickEvent, OnCustomInputDeviceEvent.
  • Map Editor: Logic Editor: The list of referenced assemblies can now be configured in the Logic Editor. Before, the list of references assemblies was specified in "Data\Base\Constants\EntitySystem.config" file.
  • Particle System: ColourFaderAffector2: StateChange property has been added.
  • Exporter for 3dsMax, Maya: InvertNormals parameter has been added to help fix problems with inverted normals.
  • Resource Editor: 3D Model Importing: InvertNormals parameter has been added to help fix problems with inverted normals.
  • Map Editor: Logic Editor: Small improvements of C# code generation.
  • Fixes compilation of NeoAxis Source SDK on Visual Studio 2012+.
  • Bug fix: WaterPlane: When PhysicsHeight = 0 physics influence must be disabled.
  • Bug fix: Character class: Sometimes character physics can freeze after exiting the vehicle.
  • Bug fix: Map Editor: Save/load selection feature can broke map when object was deleted after saving to selection.

Screenshots from new StaticBatchingDemo map


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