The Use of NeoAxis 3D Engine

NeoAxis 3D Engine is positioned as a universal development framework for 3D projects. The framework can be applied when developing various types of 3D projects, such as the creation of video games, development of simulators, virtual reality and visualization software, creation of windowed applications. Also this framework can be effectively used in educational institutions as a tool for teaching skills of work with modern technologies in the field of 3D graphics.

NeoAxis for Video Games Development

In addition to the basic functionality for the development of 3D projects, NeoAxis SDK includes a framework for development of video games, an extensive set of classes and demonstration samples. The SDK includes the following examples of game applications:

  • Example of a first-person shooter
  • Example of real-time strategy
  • Example of a tank arcade
  • Example of 2D platformer
  • Examples of video games with network support

NeoAxis for The Development of Non-Game Projects

NeoAxis 3D Engine has proved itself as a framework for the development of various types of non-game 3D projects. NeoAxis SDK includes the set of additional functions specially developed for non-game projects creation:

  • Built-in functions for rendering on a multi-screen system
  • Simple ability to embed 3D view in a windowed application
  • The opportunity to get the full source code of the engine for a reasonable fee

Examples of non-game applications:

NeoAxis for Creation of Windowed Applications

NeoAxis 3D Engine can be successfully used in the development of windowed applications. NeoAxis SDK includes examples of creation WinForms and WPF applications. A widget with 3D view can be easily embedded in a application due to the integration with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Map Editor (world editor) of the engine can be adapted to the needs of the project. This feature allows you to add a lot of useful features, such as a function of load/save worlds, docking windows management, undo/redo operation support, the dialog with application settings, the windows with object properties and more in the shortest possible time.

NeoAxis as a Platform for The Educational Process

NeoAxis 3D Engine can be effectively used for educational purposes in different educational institutions as the tool for teaching the modern technologies in 3D graphics, interactive visualizations, simulations and video games creation areas. Pluses of NeoAxis are the following:

  • Free version of NeoAxis 3D Engine includes a complete set of 3D projects development tools.
  • Full support for localization and Unicode enables translation of the engine and its tools into any other languages. At the moment the engine toolkit is translated into English and Russian languages.
  • Unlike other similar frameworks, developers have paid the great attention to ease the learning of technology step by step.
  • An opportunity to get the full source code of the engine for a reasonable fee to study insides of creating professional 3D systems.

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