Programming and Scripting

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.NET Based API

NeoAxis 3D Engine API is based on .NET. The main language is C#. NeoAxis supports .NET 4.0 or later.

C/C++ and Other Languages Support

You can attach libraries written in C/C++ or in any other programming language.

A Framework for Quick and Logical Start

The NeoAxis SDK includes the Game.exe application, which is at the same time the demo of the engine and the skeleton of your future project. This application is a framework meant for quick and logical development of the project. It includes examples of different types of projects (RTS, FPS, TPS, platformer...) and maps, as well as a complete menu system including a map loading manager and even more! By using this premade framework, the developer does not waste time on creating a basic application framework and immediately starts to work on his project.

High Productivity

The internal components of the engine, such as the rendering system, the physical system, the sound system, the path finding system and other performance-sensitive components are written in C/C++ to achieve maximum performance. The critical areas are further optimized through the use of SSE instructions.

Free Choice of Development Environment

NeoAxis 3D Engine programming requires .NET based development environment. The following are supported:

If you are a beginner, we recommend you to start with Microsoft Visual Studio.