Physics System

Powerful Physics Engine

Give life to your objects with the built-in NVIDIA PhysX Engine. PhysX is the most advanced and most used physics framework in modern 3D projects.

Complete Physics Editor

NeoAxis toolset includes a rich set of features for visual tuning of physical models. The physical models editor allows you to configure rigid bodies, joints, motors, ragdolls, vehicles.

High Productivity

The physics system of the engine is optimized to run on multiple cores of the system. It's also optimized for SSE instructions for greater productivity.

Vehicle Support

The engine includes all the necessary tools to easily create vehicles, including cars with realistic physics, tanks and similar equipment.


The engine toolkit allows you to visually create and customize ragdolls. You can then automatically assign the ragdoll you have created to your character bones.

Freedom of Choice: Choose your Physics Engine!

NeoAxis has an abstract interface for implementing the physical libraries. Two physical libraries are integrated at the moment: