Graphic User Interface

User Interface System

NeoAxis extensible user interface is a complete system for creating controls, menus, dialogs and game screens.

User Unterface Editor

NeoAxis 3D Engine tool set includes a full-featured user interface editor allowing you to design the user interface of your project in a shortest time possible

Localization and Unicode Support

Thanks to full Unicode support, you can easily localize your projects to other languages (including East Asian languages) with NeoAxis built-in Tools.

High Productivity

The UI rendering system automatically groups the objects at rendering time, thus reducing the use of the graphics card. This optimization significantly affects rendering speed.

User Interface in 3D

The engine supports rendering user interfaces in 3D space.

Video Playback Support

Video playback support by using the VideoBox control makes it easy to add video playback to your project. Ogg Theora is supported. You can also configure the video output to a texture and do whatever you want with it.

Integration of a Web Browser in the Application

With the help of an integrated third-party library it is easy to add a full web browser in your project.

Wide Range Of Control Classes

The engine contains a base set of control classes, as well as the ability to add your own classes. The set of classes includes:

  • Button
  • CheckBox
  • ComboBox
  • EditBox
  • ListBox
  • ScrollBar
  • TabControl
  • TextBox
  • VideoBox