Non-Game Projects

Computer Simulator STDynamica for Chemical Staff Factory Training

Developed by Systemotehnika

Computer simulator STDynamica is a full-fledged training suite that will be used for staff training on chemical factory. As you can imagine, such field of application has specific requirements for used software — it must be flexible, have robust architecture and be production-ready. This is exactly why NeoAxis was chosen for this challenging task.

Computer Simulator "Design of Electric Equipment"

Developed by Systemotehnika

Computer simulators are intended to train students with electrotechnical and non-electrotechnical specialties in primary, secondary professional institutions and college. The purpose of using computer simulators is to improve the efficiency and quality of training specialists. Computer simulator "Design of Electric Equipment" contains 3D models of electrical equipment and its components. 3D models clearly show appearance, construction and ways of fastening the elements.

Riding Simulation Project - Multi-Screen Simulator

Developed by Yamaha Riding Academy Thailand

This project is designed to visualize a virtual road on 5 projector screens around motorcycle rider. NeoAxis 3D Engine's renderer receives velocity from back wheel sensor and uses it to render simulated bike.

A Serious Game for Medical Training in Advanced Life Support

Developed by University of Udine's Scientific Campus

EMSAVE ("Emergency Medical Services for the disAbled" Virtual Environment) is a virtual reality system for training in emergency medical procedures concerning disabled persons. It allows users to experience emergency situations involving disabled persons. The simulations take place in a freely explorable virtual environment. The user can choose what actions to perform among a set of possibilities that depends on the difficulty level. Relevant effects of user's actions on the patient (e.g., change in complexion) are simulated by the system.