Non-Game Projects

Abyssal S.A.

Abyssal OS Offshore is an advanced 3D Visualization and Operation Management System to support Pilots and Supervisors to perform tasks in complex and low visibility sub-sea environments, increasing safety and efficiency in ROV operations.

Abyssal OS provides pilots and supervisors a real time 3D overview of the entire operation´s environment, increasing their overall spatial awareness.

Yamaha Riding Academy Thailand

This project is designed to visualize a virtual road on 5 projector screens around motorcycle rider.

University of Udine's Scientific Campus

EMSAVE ("Emergency Medical Services for the disAbled" Virtual Environment) is a virtual reality system for training in emergency medical procedures concerning disabled persons. It allows users to experience emergency situations involving disabled persons. The simulations take place in a freely explorable virtual environment. The user can choose what actions to perform among a set of possibilities that depends on the difficulty level. Relevant effects of user's actions on the patient (e.g., change in complexion) are simulated by the system.