Game Titles

Elementary My Dear Majesty! - Casual Game, Hidden Object

Developed by Dream Dale (Alawar Entertainment)

This is casual 3D hidden object game, with elements of quest, physics, puzzles and fun storyline. In this game you will help the knight save the princess from a terrible curse.

Homura Combat - Third Person Shooter, Arcade Game

Developed by OHBA

This is a third person shooter in which the magical girl ("Mahou shoujo" in Japanese) is fighting the evil "Walpurgis Night" witch. Being able to stop time by means of magic, Mahou shoujo uses her powers to save her only friend who is destined to be killed by the "Walpurgis Night" witch.

Beyond the Voyage - RPG

Developed by BFK

This is an RPG Hack & Slash game genre that is in the first phase of production. The story is around mythology of Iran about two brothers want to save their people from drought.

KitiCat - Arcade Game

Developed by BKF

An arcade game with a kittle cat that has a power of acrobat to walk over a psycho ball, because he got insane to find food.

Pulse Shift - First Person Puzzle Platformer

Developed by 3 Core Studio

Pulse Shift is a first person puzzle platformer which allows players to control and cheat physics. The game allows to play with physics, gravity and manipulating time.

Sacraboar - Real-Time Strategy

Developed by Makivision Games

Sacraboar is a real-time capture-the-pig strategy game.

Adventures of Mopol - Action Platforming Game

Developed by BKF

This is an action platforming game made by a small team.

Project FPTD - First Person Tower Defence

Developed by Hell Entertainment

Project FPTD is a first person tower defense game, in addition to the classic tower building you are actively participating in the battle.

HitMania! - Party Arcade Game

Developed by Originale Studio

HitMania! is a party game suitable for all ages.

SickBrick - Action-Oriented Sci-Fi FPS

Developed by MisfitVillager

SickBrick is an action-oriented Sci-Fi FPS with modern graphics and oldschool gameplay available now for Windows, Linux and Mac.