Possible to make a game like WC Privateer?

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:48 pm Post subject: Possible to make a game like WC Privateer?
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Well, I'm a professional (.NET) programmer for some years now, but games are a very different beast. ;) If I can use GUI editor, networking module and some others - all with my favorite Visual Studio - it would be awesome.

I'm looking for a Game Engine to realize a game hunts in my mind a long time now. And now I'd like to know if NA could be the right choice to make it real.

Ok, what I want to make is a "Wing Commander Privateer" like multiplayer game. A player has a changeable and configurable (with some different modules) space ship, can explore the galacy, visit planets and space stations or trade goods.
In different to most of the demo games I have seen, the GUI should be a main part of the game. The "map" should be the galaxy with planets, stations, asteroid fields, nebulas and some other "space object".

What features I would like to see:
1) Crossplatform
The game should run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Support for Android and iOS too would be the best.
2) Multiplayer
Highly important, the game has multiplsyer and a dedicated server. It would be nice, if the whole galaxy could be a persistent world. I know, NA is no mmo engine but 50 possible online players would be more than I need, I think.
A ingame chat (world, alliance, other player) is necessary, also a message/mail system (one player can ingame send a message to another player, no matter if this player is online or not).
If I talk about a persistent world, I think about like this: A player had a fight with pirates, his ship was damaged. The repair would take 3 hours (real time). So the player goes offline and if he comes back after 4 hours his ship is repaired. - Possible with NA?
3) Mobile Client
Based on the dedicated server it should be possible to write a "mobile client". This client should have access to some basic features of the game: Actual state of the own player (Is my ship repaired? How many credits I have? What goods are in my cargo bay?), access to the message system, buy and sell gods at the actual position - like this.
4) Interaction
The galaxy should have a huge number of NPCs (other space ships, station commanders, ...) with their own "logic". If a NPC is killed he should respawn some times later.

Well, this is only a very small part of my concept. There are many other things like a quest-system or dynamic trading market, but this should be like possible, if all ohters is too.

Is this possible to do with NA? Maybe there are some demo projects/games of "space games"?

King regards,


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PostPosted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:52 pm 
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http://magrathean.ca/incognitoGame Incognito is kind-of a space exploration game. Check it out.

My new game Tainted Fate in development in NeoAxis:
My game SickBrick made in NeoAxis out now:

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 4:29 pm 
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I think everything you suggests here can easily be done with NeoAxis and you can take advantage of your .NET skills to it's fullest.

In regards to crossplatform support, currently only Windows and Mac OSX are supported. People are successfully running NeoAxis in Linux through Wine, but so far there isn't a native version. Mobile OS'es are on the roadmap.

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