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The Engine and its toolkit can be easily translated into a new language. Below you will learn how add a new language to NeoAxis Engine.

In order to add a new language you have to:

  • set up a font file
  • translate the text

Setting up a font file

Font files are stored in the \Bin\Data\Fonts folder.

In order to create a new font, use the Resource Editor.

We recommend that you copy the Default_English.fontDefinition file, rename and edit it, rather than create it from the scratch. In case the required font contains a large number of symbols (e.g. it is hieroglyphic font), we recommend that you create the font on the basis of precompiled textures. You can learn more in this article.

Translating the text

Translated texts are stored in the \Bin\Data\Languages folder.

The easiest way to add a new language, is to copy the Russian folder and rename it. Now, launch Resource Editor and open the newly created folder with it. This folder will contain translation files for editors and the Engine.language file for the translation of Game.exe.

Double-clicking on a translation file will open a window for text translation.

You have to adjust the toolsUICulture parameter in the Engine.language file, which is required for NeoAxis Engine Editors. You can learn the UICulrure name of your language here.

Language file Editor

Selecting a language

You can select a language in Configurator.