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Сравнение исходных кодов в утилите WinMerge


In order to update your project to a new version of NeoAxis engine you should merge the changes you have done to it with those present in the update. This is applied to all of the SDK files.

Сравнение ресурсов в утилите WinMerge

For the merge to succeed two things are required:

  • To merge the project’s source codes,
  • To update the resources in the Data folder.

We recommend that you use the utilities listed below to find file changes.

Utilities for file comparison

To make the project update process easier you can use file comparison utilities. These utilities significantly accelerate the search for file changes and reduce the chance of mistake.

The list of utilities you can use includes:

Overview of the WinMerge utility

Let us examine the free WinMerge utility as an example. You can download it here.

On start the WinMerge utility asks you to select files or folders for comparison. Let us compare the two Game folders of various engine versions. The Left field is for the one folder while the Right field is for the other. To select a folder press the Browse button and flag the Include Subfolders checkbox. Now press Ok.


To make WinMerge show the directory tree you have to select Tree Mode in the View menu.


Now, you can see which files were added to the new version of the engine, which were changed and which remained unchanged. The comparison result is shown in the Comparison result column and can return: ... are different or ... are identical. In place of "..." the utility returns either Folders, Text files or Binary files.


Double-click a file to view the changes made in it. All changes will be highlighted in the file comparison widow.