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Basic public assemblies of the engine API

  • EntitySystem.dll – A framework used for implementing the entity system (game objects system). Contains the description of the basic abstract game classes.
  • MapSystem.dll – A substructure for the Entity System used for implementing the 3D world. Contains the description of the map concept and the map objects.
  • Renderer.dll – Contains classes used for working with engine renderer.
  • PhysicsSystem.dll – Contains a framework used for working with engine physics system.
  • SoundSystem.dll - Contains a framework used for working with engine sound system.
  • UISystem.dll – Contains classes implementing the engine GUI system (the description of basic controls classes such as buttons, checkboxes and listboxes).
  • EngineApp.dll – Implements the general control of the engine and the application window.
  • Networking.dll – Provides networking support.
  • FileSystem.dll – Contains the file system for working with resources.
  • Log.dll – Implements the work with .log information (including output to .log files).
  • MathEx.dll – Contains classes for mathematical operations used in 3D graphics (such as vector, matrix or curve)
  • Utils.dll – Various utility classes.

Additional/Optional public assemblies of the engine API

  • HeightmapTerrain.dll - Landscapes suppport based on heightmap.
  • DecorativeObjectManager.dll – Support of decorative objects. It is used for the quick creation of small but numerous decorative objects (like grass or rocks). You can use it to create large areas of vegetation.
  • GridPathFindSystem.dll – Grid pathfinding system.
  • WindowsAppFramework.dll - A framework for creating WinForms windowed projects.
  • WPFAppFramework.dll - A framework for creating WPF windowed projects.

Internal assemblies of the engine

  • PhysXPhysicsSystem.dll – PhysX implementation.
  • ODEPhysicsSystem.dll - ODE implementation.
  • OpenALSoundSystem.dll - OpenAL implementation.
  • DirectXSoundSystem.dll - DirectSound implementation.
  • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll – Support of zip archives.
  • Lidgren.Network.dll - low-level later of the networking support.
  • OggVorbisTheora.dll - A wrapper for working with native libraries such as ogg, vorbis and theora.
  • StaticLightingCalculationSystem.dll – An interface implementing static lighting calculation.
  • SimpleStaticLightingSystem.dll - Simple implementation of static lighting calculation algorithm.
  • EditorBase.dll – Basic classes for the Resource Editor and the Map Editor.
  • ZipArchive.dll – Support of zip archives for virtual file system.
  • DDSFormat.dll – Support of DDS textures.

Project assemblies

  • GameCommon.dll – Contains various classes of the project such as description of material types, project’s networking, engine console class and user GUI.
  • GameEntities.dll – Contains the description of all game classes and game logic.
  • Game.exe – Application entry point. Engine initialization, classes implementing project structure, game screens navigation and user interaction.