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WaterPlane allows you to create a water surface on the map. It supports reflection and interaction with physical objects.

PhysicsHeight property determines the interaction between the water and other entities, that could be drowned or pushed out of the water, depending on their density.

The water surface supports reflections. The reflection level could be changed using ReflectionLevel property, as well as using additional WaterPlaneClipVolume.type entity, which allows to turn off reflections in certain zones of the map.


In order to add water surface to the map you have to the following steps:

  • Select WaterPlane in Types\Special\WaterPlane folder of Entity Types window and then click on the workspace of the Map Editor for creation of the entity.
  • Set up the length and width of the water surface using Size property and position it on map using Position property.
  • Adjust color using DeepColor and ShallowColor properties. Other properties are available, too.


Name Description
class Entity
Components List of attached components.
LogicClass Reference to the Logic Editor class. Read more about how to work with the Logic Editor class.
Name Object name.
Tags User defined information. Defined as keyvalue pairs. It is used for user's needs.
Type Object type. It can not be changed.
class WaterPlane
AllowFog This property determines, will the fog affect the rendering of the water surface or not.
CustomMesh Custom mesh for water rendering could be set using this property. All vertexes of this model should have the same zero height, because the reflections will not be rendered correctly in the opposite case.
DeepColor Responsible for the color of water. This is where the main color is set.
ShallowColor Responsible for the shade of water. This gives an additional nuance.
PhysicsHeight This parameter indicates at what depth the water interacts with objects. If the parameter is 1 and the object is located at a depth of 5, then the water will not interact with this object at all. When this parameter is 0, the water has no effect on the objects.
Size This parameter adjusts the size of the water. If CustomMesh property is set to True then this property will be ignored.
Position This parameter adjusts the location of water on the map.
Reflection Level This parameter controls the object which will water reflect. Starting from the "reflect sky only" and going to the "Reflect all objects".
ReflectionTextureSize The size of the reflection texture relative to the screen. It is recommended to set the least available value to increase performance.
RenderQueueGroup This parameter is responsible for the order of the rendering of all game objects.
Segments The water surface consists of the segments, which number is set by this parameter. If CustomMesh property is set to True then Segments property will be ignored.
UseHDRTexture The usage of HDR texture for reflection generation is set by this property.
Visible The visibility of the water surface is determined by this property.
WaterPlane (Fixed Pipeline)
FixedPipelineColor Responsible for the water color in fixed pipeline mode (for very old graphics cards).
FixedPipelineMap Responsible for the water texture in fixed pipeline mode (for very old graphics cards).
FixedPipelineMapTiling Responsible for the tiling of the water texture in fixed pipeline mode (for very old graphics cards).