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The object SkyBox is one of the ways to create a sky for your game world in the engine. The sky box is a cube in which the game world is placed. The texture of the sky is applied on the walls of the cube (cube texture). For a full overview of the different methods you can use to create the sky, we recommend you to have a look at the sky creation tutorial.

Example Sky Box

Texture Names

The cubic texture of the sky is specified by six texture files. Each of the file have a unique postfix representing the position of the texture on the SkyBox mesh. An example of sky textures can be found in the folder Data\Types\Base\SkyBox.

Postfix Description
_bk Back side.
_dn Downside.
_fr Front side.
_lf Left side.
_rt Right side.
_up Upside.


Using parameters such as brightness (Power) and color of the sky (Color) it's possible to simulate day or night using the same set of textures

Name Description
class Entity
Components List of attached components.
LogicClass Reference to the Logic Editor class. Read more about how to work with the Logic Editor class.
Name Object name.
Tags User defined information. Defined as keyvalue pairs. It is used for user's needs.
Type Object type. It can not be changed.
class SkyBox
Color Color of the sky.
Power Brightness of the sky.
TextureName Path to the sky's set of textures.