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ParticleSystemSource.type allows adding a particle system source to a given place on the map. The engine stores particle systems in .particle files. To create these files, use the Particle System Editor.

ParticleSystemSource 01.jpg


To place a particle system source to a map, in the Object Creation window select the ParticleSystemSource type from the Base\Types folder.

ParticleSystemSource 02.jpg

Direction of the flag corresponds to rotation of the source.

To add a particle system to the source, select an object and click the "..." button of the Items box in the Properties window.

ParticleSystemSource 03.jpg

In the opened window you can add, remove and configure particle systems. The complete list of attributes of a particle system list element is provided below.

ParticleSystemSource 04.jpg


Source properties

Specific object settings are in the "class ParticleSystemSource" group.

Title Description
class Entity
Components List of attached components.
LogicClass Reference to the Logic Editor class. Read more about how to work with the Logic Editor class.
Name Object name.
Tags User defined information. Defined as keyvalue pairs. It is used for user's needs.
Type Object type. It can not be changed.
class MapObject
Position Object position on the map.
Rotation Object rotation. The angle of rotation is set in degrees.
Scale Object scaling.
class ParticleSystemSource
Enabled Enable/disable particle system source.
Items List of particle systems generated by the given source. Properties of element of this list are described in details below.
Map Editor
AutoVerticalAlignment Automatical alignment by height mode. Allows to set the value among 4 variants: None (without alignment ), ByBounds (by dimensions), ByBoundsWithRotation (by dimension with possible rotation), ByCenter (by center).
Layer The layer of the map these objects belong to.

Particle system list element properties

Parameter Description
Visible Show/hide a particle system.
PositionOffset Coordinates of the reference point of the particle system relative to the source.
RotationOffset Rotation of the particle system relative to the source.
ScaleOffset Scale of the particle system relative to the source.
OwnerRotation Allow/disallow taking into account source rotation when calculatng particle positions of the system.
ParticleName Name of a particle system.
RenderingDistance Distance between particles and the camera at which particles cannot be seen anymore. If 0 is selected, particles can be seen at any distance form the camera.
RenderingDistanceForShadows Distance between particles and the camera at which particle shadow cannot be seen. If 0 is selected, particle shadow can be seen at any distance form the camera.
RenderQueueGroup Render queue of an object relative to other objects.
StartTime Delay before running the particle system, in seconds.
UpdateWhenItNotInView Allow/disallow updating particle system when they are out of the visibility zone.