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NeoAxis Engine namespaces:

Note. You can use offline version of API in the SDK. Search support included.

NeoAxis API

  • Engine – Classes that belong to no other namespace. Most classes are stored in the EngineApp.dll library. The library is used for general engine management, working with the system and as well as for the control of the application window.
  • Engine.MathEx – Math library. Contains classes used for storing classes used for performing mathematical operations in 3D projects (such as vector, matrix or curve).
  • Engine.FileSystem – Switches the virtual file system on for working with the resources.
  • Engine.Utils – Various utility classes.
  • Engine.Networking – Networking support.
  • Engine.Renderer – Classes used for working with the engine renderer.
  • Engine.PhysicsSystem – A framework used for working with the engine Physics System.
  • Engine.SoundSystem - A framework used for working with the engine Sound System.
  • Engine.UISystem – Classes implementing engine GUI system. Contains the basic control classes such as buttons, checkboxes, listboxes etc.
  • Engine.EntitySystem – A framework implementing the Entity system (Game Objects System). Contains the description of the basic abstract game classes.
  • Engine.MapSystem – A substructure for the Entity System used for implementing the 3D world. Contains the description of the map concept and the map objects.

Game Classes

  • ProjectCommon – Contains various classes of the project such as: description of material types, network services, engine console, user GUI etc.
  • ProjectEntities – Contains description of all game classes and game logic.
  • Game – Application entry point. Engine initialization, classes implementing project structure, game screens navigation and user interaction.