NeoAxis Localization Server Add-on

We are glad to announce the introduction of developer blogs on our web site. The blogs will contain news on engine development as well as news on lesser events of NeoAxis community.

Today, we announces the new service for automatic translation of the engine to other languages. The service consists of a server-based translations database, a web interface and an add-on for Resource Editor (Localization Server Add-on) enabling convenient translation updates. The Localization Server Add-on is available via the new Add-on system of Resource Editor. The Add-on will be included in NeoAxis 1.2, for now you can download it from our web site (link below).

NeoAxis Localization Server Add-on

Read more about the translation service:

If you would like to participate in engine development and have sufficient knowledge to translate the engine into a new language, NeoAxis community would appreciate such a help. If you have already done a translation, please send font files and the translation to our e-mail ( Upon receiving your e-mail we will register an account for you so that you could update the translation directly from Resource editor.